• “Wow!, Wow, It was awesome!” - Jared
• “I want to do it again” - Artyom
• “I was amazed at how much the children learned - on both ends of the rope” - anonymous
• “The kids got lots of climbing in with professional, PATIENT and safe supervision.” - anonymous
• “They (Instructors) really helped me out” It was fun” - Claire
• “instructors were very well prepared & excellent with kids” - Parent w/ class
• “Superb - you know kids & know how to EMPHASIZE safety in a fun way” - Leanne (Mom)
• “Instructors had a great rapoire with children” - Emaline’s Dad
• “It was challenging” - Mike
• “Could not have been better” - Rich (Dad)
• “Brian (Instructor) was awesome!!! I liked the support I got from everyone” - Katie
• “Very nice instructors & encouraging to the kids” - Dudley
• “The course pushed my ability to trust myself and others.” - anonymous
• “ Great job & thanks to all the instructors” - Scott (Parent)
• “Very well done. As always” Scout Leader - Jim
• “ As a parent I appreciated your attention to safety and the individual attention you gave my kids. You guys are really great with the kids” - Dave (Parent & student)
• “I thought the lesson learned re: respect for the environment was very important! Thanks for the fun day“- Sue (Parent)
• “ I had fun, I learned a lot” - Jumbo Dude
• “The fact that I felt calm when my kid climbed is testimony to your instruction and personality” Yasmin (Parent)
• “Mike and the other instructors were great with all the kids and put extra effort into working with my deaf child. Great confidence builder!!!” - Chris (Parent


• “You’re doing a great job. Don’t change a thing” - Heather
• “I was very impressed and pleased with the course” - Kali
• “Very safety conscious” - Lauren
• “The instruction was excellent! I was stuck at the top of a cliff, the instructors talked me down! This was one of the best times of my life! I am definitely coming back next year. Thanks” - Kelli
• “Instructors were very patient and explained everything perfectly. I felt extremely comfortable, more than I thought I would. I was concerned about safety / trusting the instructor but Michael (Instructor) made me feel completely at ease. Great!! - Sarah
• “Wow-I loved it! Thanks so much for this joy of a lifetime.” - Becki
• “It was so laid back and fun but very safe and informative. Very well done. Can’t wait to come back! I could go on forever!! No seriously, it was great! It was an awesome experience, an extremely well done class. ” - Amy
• The instructor (Michael) was hilarious and kept us all at ease. I was a little nervous but really was put at ease by the instructor and loved the challenge of getting up that cliff. Can’t wait to learn rappelling” - anonymous
• “I liked the focus on the natural history and preserving environment” - Gail
• “Instructors - knowledgeable, helpful, very patient, & individual attention. - Melissa
• “Although this course has been taught many times, it still appeared new & fresh ! The course was a perfect blend of terrific safety instruction balanced with doing it. “ - Tom
• “I appreciate how concerned Mike is with preserving the Ledges as a natural resource- habitat for flora and fauna. Also appreciate his push for SAFETY FIRST.” - anonymous
• “Each instructor was very patient and helpful” - Deb.
• “I liked the noncompetitive atmosphere/friendly instructors and students.” - anonymous
• “Did a lot more climbing than I expected” - Becky
• “Instructors were well prepared and professional” - Bill
• “Mike was great! Quite helpful & encouraging. He really new his stuff! And instills confidence” - Kathy
• “You were great. Thanks for everything” - Jeremy
• “Simply-Superb!” - anonymous
• “I was impressed with the concern about safety and for doing things right” - Wendy”
• “I didn’t expect to do this much climbing” - anonymous
• “Our instructor was excellent. - helpful, encouraging and tailored their approach to fit each student” - Lark
• “The instructors used a lot of humor in the course but really focused on safety and professionalism” - Doyal
• “At no time did I not feel safe and secure” - Patty
• “I was impressed we got to climb as much as we did” - anonymous
• “Mike, Your support, pushing and encouragement meant a lot to me. I was a bit overwhelmed when you gave me your carabiner. Certainly others climbed better than I did! But I carry it with me to work, to remind me that maybe I can do a bit more than I thought. You have made an impact on my life - at a time when things aren’t so great. Thank you, Mike you’re great!” - Elaine

• “ I thought the course was excellent. Very well organized and great instruction. Very precautious.” “ I enjoyed the friendliness, yet the professionalism that the instructors exhibited- Valerie
• “I liked the challenge yet support given by instructors. “ I have had bad experiences in the climbing gyms” “Excellent course” - Julia
• “ The instructors were very encouraging. I really enjoyed having woman instructors” - Nicole


• “I like the course content and hands-on experience and the opportunities for discussion.” - Raquel
• “The emphasis on safety was great” - Michael
• “I learned a ton! I though the course was encouraging and fun” Lin
• “ I have climbed with A.A. I. and Colorado Mountain School before. I thought the instruction in your course was excellent and as good as any around the country.
• “Mike has obviously found his calling. I haven’t had as devoted a teacher since AP History in High School. I appreciated your thoughtful instruction and patience” - Jennifer
• “ I liked the emphasis on environmental concern as well as safety” - Donna


• “What I liked most was that the course was tailored to our skill and experience level” - Annette
• “Great teaching style”, “Great structure”. “Great course” - Luke


• “I had fun seeing the dunes, cedars and shipwreck, swimming and the rare flowers. I loved looking down from the lighthouse and seeing the view.” - anonymous
• “I learned many things including how to survive on my own and how to start a fire with steel wool and batteries.” - anonymous
• “I loved the beach and the water” - - Bridget
• “Dear Michael, Thank you for making our trip to South Manitou so memorable. We feel well prepared to use what we’ve learned for our Silver award. But, better than that, we fell we made a friend we would encourage others to travel with. You went above and beyond guiding. You nurtured. Thank you!” Raeann (Leader), Kim, Hannah, Kendra, Nicci, Bridget, Chelsea and Cara


• “The emphasis on technical skills and safety rather than climbing just for the sake of climbing, gave me a better appreciation for the sport” – Edie
• “The instructors were very caring & considerate.” I really loved the instructors. I just hope others can chance to experience Vertical Ventures” – Fish
• “Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the team that came up to Toronto, Ontario for the week of 15 to the 21st of June. You were all wonderful!! I had a great time and conquered some of those fears that lurk within! The location and the company were wonderful. I loved the chats at the top looking over the lake - spectacular! Thanks again to all of you for making that day special - you each added your own unique touch to the experience, and it was memorable!” – Kirsten
• “Mike, I know it has been a few weeks but I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my climbing at rattlesnake point. I am now looking forward to a week-end next year when we can all do it again. Thank you most of all for the inspiration. See you soon” - Myriam

(For more feedback on our camps from parents and campers please contact Vertical Ventures and you can contact our parents directly.)

• “ I loved the food, scenery, instructors, and the experience of climbing” - Liz
• “The kids had a great time. Mary was worried that she wouldn’t be included but it turned out that
the kids all bonded wonderfully. Thanks for putting on such a wonderful camp.” - Peter (Parent)
• “ Hi Michael, Nathaniel had a great time on his trip. Your chicken stew with dumplings was a big hit. We would like for you to email us any photos you may have. Thanks a lot,” - Tracy
• “Michael, Mathew thoroughly enjoyed camp! On the way home we were treated to Matthew's rendition of camp and all the reasons he enjoyed being with each of the other campers (more along the lines of what you had asked the campers during the rope ceremony).
• Thanks so much - your enthusiasm and the comaraderie of the group contributed to a wonderful week for Matthew. It's amazing to see how Matthew has changed and matured over the week he was away. Thanks again” - Sharon


• “Mike, I wish you could have heard the students talking in the halls today! These guys were still on a “high” sharing their experiences with their friends. I think all of our “self esteems” got a boost! You have such a gift for working with people, Mike. I am always impressed by your professionalism, awareness of safety and terrific sense of humor! You and your staff touched our lives in a way that I’m not sure you see! It is so cool how you all genuinely care about everyone in the group. your patience and your staff’s patience is impeccable. These kids are “psyched” for next year! Thanks again for the best experience ever! “ - Chris Fromme (Teacher)
• “Thanks to all the instructors: Andy, Lars, Nick, John, and Mike - They were all a great help to me and they were very patient! They helped me to believe that I could do it. And that made feel great. Thanks again.” - Stacie
• “It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. All the instructors were very helpful and pushed us to the limit. ” - Ryan
• “Instructors were great, very patient.” - Steven


• “An overall excellent class. Very well taught and a lot of fun!” anonymous
• “Great teachers on safety and technique of rock climbing, they challenged us, pushed us, and built our confidence.” anonymous
• “it was a very fun class and it was such a rush to climb, I had a great time!”
• “I had a great time” Tommy
• “Excellent course. I’m planning on taking it again“ Brian
• “This course was great” - Christine
• “I had a great time” - Tommy
• “ I really liked the quality of instruction” - Mark
• “Excellent course. I’m planning on taking it again.” - Brian
• “The field trip was incredible” - Trisha


• “Frankly I thought the best thing about the class was your obvious care and enthusiasm for the subject and your desire to share your experience and knowledge. The field time was enjoyable and essential. It’s great to talk about the plants, and read about them in books. But nothing helps you KNOW the plant like seeing it in its own environment - learning what conditions it favors/shuns, noticing its neighbors, and just appreciating its fit in the Wild.” - Joe


• “Michael’s food is marvelous. I loved being in a wonderful environment, having great leaders and meeting new folks. I hope to bring my family next year” - Cindy
• “What I liked most was the pure vacation aspect - no telephones, no TV, etc cozy!! It went by so fast” - Jeff & Bernadette
• “I liked the skiing and snowshoeing the best” - Connie


• “I though the course was very fun, with a good atmosphere”. The course was very positive. The hands on activities were very beneficial. The instructors were great, both very fun and knowledgeable.” - Laura
• “Everything I learned was extremely relevant and useful. Our instructors were very energetic and personable and very willing to answer any questions we had. Thank you. “ - Sara



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