A proper piece of rock

A proper piece of rock.jpg

Andrea nesting

Andrea nesting.jpg

Andrew going  up

Andrew going up.jpg

Another Rapper

Another Rapper.jpg

Camp break

Camp break.jpg

Camp on the French

Camp on the French.jpg

Campfire tales

Campfire tales.jpg

Climbing Wall @ UMD

Climbing Wall @ UMD.jpg

Dance troupe

Dance troupe.jpg

Dinner on the river

Dinner on the river.jpg

Dinners on

Dinners on.jpg

End of the trail

End of the trail.jpg

Etienne on the edge

Etienne on the edge.jpg

Georgian Bay moment

Georgian Bay moment.jpg

Getting air @ Rattle

Getting air @ Rattle.jpg

Hangin' with Brian

Hangin' with Brian.jpg

Head injury

Head injury.jpg

Home sweet canoe

Home sweet canoe.jpg

I think I can

I think I can.jpg

Island in the big Lake

Island in the big Lake.jpg

It's better up here

It's better up here.jpg

Jason at the Ledges

Jason at the Ledges.jpg

Kathy & Celine on top

Kathy & Celine on top.jpg

Kirsten on Rappel

Kirsten on Rappel.jpg

Lending a hand

Lending a hand.jpg

Longs Pk.

Longs Pk..jpg

Medicine bows

Medicine bows.jpg

Mike & Brian

Mike & Brian.jpg

My Y kids

My Y kids.jpg

My boys in Killarney

My boys in Killarney.jpg

Navigating the shore

Navigating the shore.jpg

North Shore Superior

North Shore Superior.jpg

Northern Minnesota

Northern Minnesota.jpg

On Belay

On Belay.jpg

Out at the Bay

Out at the Bay.jpg

Porkies on a fall day

Porkies on a fall day.jpg

Porkies to Superior

Porkies to Superior.jpg

Puttin' in on the French

Puttin' in on the French.jpg

Rapping  down

Rapping down.jpg

Rocky Mtn sunset

Rocky Mtn sunset.jpg

Ropes @ UMD

Ropes @ UMD.jpg

Ropes Course @  UMD

Ropes Course @ UMD.jpg

S. Manitou

S. Manitou.jpg

Shoe shoe

Shoe shoe.jpg

Shoeing @ Wilderness

Shoeing @ Wilderness.jpg

Shoreline dinner

Shoreline dinner.jpg

Snow cave @ Wilderness

Snow cave @ Wilderness.jpg

Snowshoe conga

Snowshoe conga.jpg

Taquamanon Falls

Taquamanon Falls.jpg

The Massasauga

The Massasauga.jpg

Tree  climbing

Tree climbing.jpg

Tree climb II

Tree climb II.jpg

Wild Medicine

Wild Medicine.jpg

Wild Medicine class

Wild Medicine class.jpg



birch bark canoe

birch bark canoe.jpg